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Vietnam Wall

The Vietnam Wall Memorial is a tribute to our fallen heroes.

The men and women that paid the ultimate price while in service to their country are named on this carved monument and it is a very humbling experience to witness.

There are 58,320 names inscribed on The Wall.
8 of the names are women.
2,056 are listed as "body not recovered."
Average age is 22.8 years old.

There is now an Interactive Vietnam Wall available free on the Internet. This is also referred to as a Virtual Vietnam Wall, and you are able to search for any name and then offer a tribute of your own. You may post photos and stories or remembrances to your loved ones.

To the living that served in the Vietnam War, we honor and respect each and every one of you. If you are having a Vietnam Reunion, or are in a discussion with your wartime buddies, you might want to refer them to this article.

Follow this link to the Interactive Vietnam Wall:
This website is totally free. While you are on the site, if you are interested in history, then you should take a look at the excellent original documents that have been digitized and made available through a very nominal subscription.





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